5 Common Mistakes by Clients Who Need to Make Bail

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Jonathan remembers the day he tried to make bail.  A guy who was visiting another inmate wanted to talk to him.  Only the man wasn’t a legitimate bail bonds agent.  Jonathan didn’t bother to ask for identification.  He never realized he was about to be scammed.

If you don’t believe this could possibly happen, take a look at this news story about a mother trying to bail out her son.  The mom turned over $1500 to a guy who identified himself as a bail bonds agent.  Only he wasn’t.  He was a con artist who ran off with her cash.

We all make mistakes.  Errors in judgment.  Trusting the wrong person.  Even getting into unlawful situations.  When you need bail, you need professional advice.  Learn some practical information when it comes to securing bail.  Try to avoid these mistakes.

1. Selecting an Illegitimate Bail bonds Agency – Bail bonds agencies must follow certain legal requirements.  In Pennsylvania, bail bonds agencies fall under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance.  The   Pennsylvania Professional Bondsman Act, 42 Pa. C.S. §5741-5749 offers insights regarding the licensing of individuals calling themselves bail bondsmen.  Make sure to ask for a copy of anyone purporting to be a bail bonds agent or agency.

2. Providing Incorrect Information – Some clients give false addresses to bail bonds agencies.  They may figure they are just being consistent with the information that gave to the police.  Or, they don’t have a real residence.

It’s never a good idea to lie to the bail bondsmen securing your release.  You’ll lose credibility.  You’ll also risk denial of assistance.

3. Disregarding the Instructions Regarding Bail – Want to really upset the proverbial apple cart?  Don’t listen to the instructions provided by the court or the bail bonds agency. It’s a sure way to bring on legal issues.

4. Getting Rearrested after You’ve been Bailed Out – We’re under the presumption that we obtained your release because you were innocent.  After all, you aren’t guilty until a judge or jury proves otherwise.  Keep your nose clean while you’re out on bail.  Otherwise, you face consequences you might not like.

5. Failing to Showing Up for Court – Really? Are you actually considering skipping the court hearing?  Bad idea.

Lots of bad things happen to defendants who don’t show up on the date ordered by the court.  Bail revoked.  Rearrests.  Things you frankly don’t need.

Think again before deciding to skip the court date.

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