What to Do if There’s an Arrest Warrant Out on You

It’s a scary thought that there might be an outstanding warrant for your arrest. But it does happen and you can expect the police will be showing up at your doorstep at any time. But what happens when a warrant is issued for your arrest? And is there anything you can do about?

After a Warrant is Issued

There can be a number of reasons why a warrant has been issued for your arrest. For instance, you may have failed to appear in court to face a criminal matter or even something simple, like a traffic ticket that you planned to argue against. You may also be considered a suspect in a crime and the judge believes there’s enough evidence for your arrest.

Once issued, your name will enter a statewide computer system that alerts the police that a warrant for your arrest. Now the police aren’t going to be hunting you down unless it’s a serious crime; in fact if it’s a minor issue, they may not even come to your home. But don’t think you’re not in trouble. In fact, it’s wise for you to go to the police at this time rather than them coming to you.

If You Think There’s a Warrant Out For You

Let’s say you know you missed that court date and you’re afraid you may be arrested for it. How can you find out if there’s a warrant out for you? Of course, the easiest and most obvious way to find out is simple: Go to the police. Explain you’re situation and they will run a check on you.

Another method is to call the courthouse. This may be beneficial because if they haven’t issued a warrant yet, you may be able to clear up the matter. But remember, you may want to consult your attorney before going to either the police or the court. You may always want to keep our number handy in case you are arrested on the spot.

There are also websites online that will provide you with this information. A simple search will help you out and can give you a basic criminal report such as your offense, the date the charges were filed, and who issued the warrant. Again, remember that you should speak with your attorney about your results before heading to the authorities.

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