The Bail Bonds Process

Bail Expectation Overview

Our company posts bail in the form of a bond at the courthouse for the defendant in exchange for a percentage of the bond. The full bond amount is a financial guarantee the defendant will appear in court whenever the court orders.

The three main expectations our company sets for the defendant are as follows:

The cosigners’ responsibilities are to make sure the defendant follows our aforementioned expectations. They are vouching for the defendant as well by making themselves liable for the entire bond should the bail conditions be breached. If a missed court date or rearrest occurs, we encourage our clients and/or their family members to notify us without delay so we can work toward getting the bail restored.

Typical Bail Bonds Process
We Offer Personalized Solutions

Even if the defendant’s family is out of state, we can STILL make it convenient to post the bail without them having to leave home. Ask us how!

Need a Bail Bondsman Now?

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We make it our mission to confidently and compassionately guide our clients and their families step by step through the process of bail in a timely fashion.

    Fly Straight with Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds

    There are no hidden surprises when it comes to bail conditions or bail fees. We are honest and straightforward from the beginning.

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