Why Take Out a Bail Bond?

Committing a crime can be very expensive on the wallet. In addition to any court-related fees or penalties that a defendant is obligated to pay, there’s also the matter of bail. Chances are you received a bail amount after being arrested. But let’s say you have the money for bail. Why would you need a bail bond?

First, understand that bail can be pretty expensive, especially if you are accused of committing a serious offense. Unless you’re wealthy, chances are the bail is going to be much more than you can afford. But if you’re bail isn’t high and it’s a price that you can afford, it’s still makes more sense to take out a bail bond than use your own money. Here’s why.

Reasons for Posting Bail

First, that money can be used for other purposes, such as hiring a good attorney or putting some money away in case you have to pay a penalty later on. You never know when an emergency may arise that extra cash will help you in the long run.

Second, the fees for our bail bonds are pretty reasonable. You would only owe a percentage of how much the bail is, usually at 10%. So instead of paying the full amount, you’ll only pay a small percentage. For example, let’s say bail is set for your loved one at $25,000. You can empty your savings account to pay that amount, or you can got to us and pay only $2,500.

And don’t worry about your credit. Bail bonds don’t show up on your credit report.

Let Us Worry About Bail!

If you have a loved one who was arrested anywhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania and you need money to bail him/her out, we can help! We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us toll free at (570) 793-0140 or click here to contact us online.

Need a Bail Bondsman Now?

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We make it our mission to confidently and compassionately guide our clients and their families step by step through the process of bail in a timely fashion.

    Fly Straight with Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds

    There are no hidden surprises when it comes to bail conditions or bail fees. We are honest and straightforward from the beginning.

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