What is a Bail Enforcement Agent?

We all have heard the words “bounty hunter” before. It’s been mentioned in movies, books, and even a reality television show. But unlike what we see on TV or in the movies, bail enforcement agents in Pennsylvania is a very different thing.

The Role of the Bounty Hunter

When you or a loved one posts bail for someone, it is the responsibility of you and the defendant to show up to court on appointed dates. But what if the defendant misses a court date or skips town? When this happens, the bail bond is forfeited and the co-signer is required to pay the full amount.

But sometimes, the bail bondsman and the co-signer reach an agreement to call in a bail enforcement agent (aka a bounty hunter) to track down a defendant and return him/her to court. If this happens, then the full bail amount will not be required.

Pennsylvania Laws on Bounty Hunters

However, fugitive recovery agents can operate under different rules than law enforcement. For instance, they can enter homes without the use of a warrant and arrest a fugitive if that person is in contempt of court.

In some states, bounty hunters are required to receive training and obtain licensing; however, in Pennsylvania there are currently on laws or legislation on licensing of bounty hunters. Yet, you do need to be certified in Pennsylvania to carry a firearm or any other lethal weapon in order to operate as a fugitive recovery agent in the state.

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