5 Great Questions You Need to Ask Your Bail Bonds Agent

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Obviously, getting locked up is a traumatic event.  Securing bail is of immediate concern.  Nonetheless, it’s important to be careful when you choose your bail bonds agent.

Like every other industry, there are bail bonds agencies that represent poor choices.  We’ve all read stories of bail bondsmen who have faced charges themselves.  There are no guarantees, but answers to these five great questions can help you.

1. Is the Agent or Agency Properly Licensed?

Don’t assume — even the greatest-sounding bail bonds agent can be a charlatan.  Pennsylvania has strict licensure requirements for bail bonds agents. They may even vary from county to county. Make sure to ask for credentials.  Ensure that the person or agency bailing you out is in good standing with the state.

2. How available is the Bail Bondsmen?

The internet has changed the game as far as reaching out to bail bonds agencies.  With just the click of a mouse can put your loved ones in touch with a bail bondsman.  All true.  But just how available is the agency?  In short, how soon before you can be bailed out of jail?

3. What are the Fees Involved in Securing Bail?

What’s the cost?  You want to know the fees associated with securing your bail.  We’re not suggesting that you shop around.  However, fees are not refundable.  Make sure that you are being charged fairly and that the price of your freedom is worth the cost.  (We suspect it will be in most cases.)

4. Will it be Necessary to Put up Collateral?

We’ve written about this before.  It may be necessary for you or a loved one to put up something of value to secure your release.  What qualifies?  How does it work?  A good bail bonds agency will work with you to determine if you have enough equity in your home to assist you.  This is just one example.  More than likely, the bail bondsmen may even suggest items you did not realize were even available as collateral.

5. How does the Bail Bonds Process Work?

This seems like a no-brainer.  Even if you’ve been bailed out multiple times, you may not understand the process.  It can be confusing. In some ways, bail bonds agencies are also sales companies.  How can we sell our services if we can’t take the time to explain them?

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