Is the Bail Process Actually Stacked Against the Poor?

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We’re not looking to get political.  However, there’s some definite proof that the bail process may actually be stacked against the poor.  Our livelihood depends on achieving pretrial release.  We’re not happy that not everyone thinks they are financially able to use our services.

Take a look at the jail population.  Just how many inmate are in there for minor offenses before they can’t make bail?

And, how many individuals are accused of more serious crimes?  And, able to get out of jail pending trial?

The United States Constitution actually speaks out about excessive bail. A paper presented by the Pretrial Justice Institute references the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.  Although the Constitution references excessive bail, it doesn’t specifically talk about the purpose of bail or defendant’s rights.

Yet, we all know that the accused are presumed innocent.  So, why are they in jail without a trial?

In many cases, defendants are in jail because they don’t have money.  It doesn’t matter that their bail was set at just $200.  That’s a lot of money to some.  Some accused face heinous charges.  Others have proven to be flight risks.

Are those with more money or attachable assets able to obtain pretrial release earlier?  Sadly, yes.  And, some may be accused of more serious crimes than the ones stuck behind bars.

The Advantage of Using a Reputable Bail Bonds Agency

A bail bonds agent certainly can’t change the system.  That’s up to the legislature and the courts.  However, there are definite reasons to retain the services of a bail bonds agent.  Even if you think it’s out of your reach.

At Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds, we advocate for our clients.  We know the system.  We understand how it works.  Some of the things we can do to help you include:

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