Can a Bail Bondsman Re-Arrest Me?

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Here’s an interesting scenario: Let’s say you were arrested on drug charges. You are arraigned and are released on bail. You attend your hearings and receive a small punishment for your crimes. But now you owe a lot of money to the bail bondsman and you don’t have it. Can the bondsman put you back in jail for non-payment?

We understand that it can be difficult to come up with the money for a bail bond. It can be quite expensive and it comes at a time where money is probably tight. This is the reason why we will work with you to make sure you get the bond you need without hurting your wallet too much.

However, if you are unable to pay the money owed, then no the bail bondsman cannot re-arrest you. The only time a bail bondsman may go after you is if you skip bail, meaning you fail to appear in court as promised. The bondsman has a responsibility to make sure you appear in court. That is the purpose of the bond.

But what if you don’t pay? What will happen? It’s exactly the same situation when you can’t pay a bill. First, the bondsman will try calling your co-signers to see if they can come up with the payment owed. If that fails, then the bondsman may start a collections action – which means the delinquency is reported to credit bureaus and you may get calls from a credit collector. Another action that may occur is your wages are garnished until the debt is paid. And if payment is still not given, then you may be heading back to a courtroom, this time in a civil lawsuit.

This is why it’s best to open up the lines of communications with us. If you are unable to pay, we can work with you to make sure the bill is paid.

If you are in need of a bail bond, let us help. Contact Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds today.

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