Can You Easily Leave Pennsylvania While Out on Bail?

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June is embarrassed to admit why she is out on bail.  Although she is from Ohio, June is a student at a Pennsylvania college.  She and her roommate were stopped in a department store.  Security demanded that June and her friend open their purses.  June easily complied.  She was shocked when the search revealed an expensive bracelet.  She certainly didn’t put it in there.

You can imagine what followed.  Security led June to a back room.  They didn’t listen to the young woman’s protests.  Her tears were of no significance.

The local police were called in. The department store demanded her arrest.  After all, the bracelet was very valuable.

June was processed through regular police protocol.  Fingerprinted.  Arrested.  The works.

Although the young college student didn’t have a record, the judge was concerned that she might have lifted an expensive item.  She set a high bail.

June had to call her parents for help.  Fortunately, they sought the services of a reputable bail bonds agency.  They arranged June’s pretrial release.

The whole event has raised many concerns.  The end of the semester is close.  Is June obligated to stay in Pennsylvania?  Or, can she go home to Ohio?

Leaving the State when Out on Bail

There are many people who want to leave the state after an arrest.  Admittedly, some do it with the intention of skipping bail.  Obviously, that’s not permissible.  In fact, it’s asking for trouble.

The judge’s instructions are the most important direction when it comes to travelling outside Pennsylvania.  Obviously, if the court orders an individual to stay in the state, it is mandatory to abide the law.  More often than not, this is not a condition of pretrial release.

If you’ve hired an attorney for your legal matter, they can provide you with advice concerning your plans to leave the state.

We suggest that you also consider the following:

We Can Help You

We can help you obtain your pretrial release at Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds.  It is your obligation to let us know your plans.  It is crucial that we know your intention is to show up for mandated court dates.  We can let you know if there is a problem with you leaving Pennsylvania.

Communication is key when you’re out on bail.  Contact us with any concerns regarding leaving the state while out on bail.

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