How Do I Get a Bail Bond for My Loved One in the Middle of the Night?

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You never really thought about it before. You and family have never been in trouble with the police. As far as you know, everyone you love follows the letter of the law. And then comes the call in the wee hours of the morning. Your youngest daughter has been arrested for underage drinking. She’s crying and she needs help with bail. You are ready to rush to her aid…but wait. You don’t have money for bail. How can you get a bond, especially at this hour?

This is a common reaction — when you hear a loved one is behind bars, you want them out and now. That’s the reason why Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that it’s an emergency situation, which is why we are available at any time.

But before you can get bail, you need to be arraigned. Is it possible to go to court in the middle of the night? It depends on the county. Each county has its own unique system and some permit bail to be posted only at certain times. But this doesn’t mean you can’t call us and get a head start on the paperwork!

But remember, before you call at such an hour, you should have all the facts and information straight. That means you will need to have the following handy before picking up the phone:

Even in the middle of the night, we’re ready to help you with your bond. Contact Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds as soon as you can and get your loved one free.

Fly Straight with Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds

There are no hidden surprises when it comes to bail conditions or bail fees. We are honest and straightforward from the beginning.

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