What Happens If the Person Doesn’t Show to Court?

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You can’t stand the idea that your brother has been arrested. And like a good sibling, one of the first calls you make is to the local bail bondsman to bail your brother out of jail. You hear all about the process — he must show up to every court date, he can’t be rearrested, and he has to check in with the bail bondsman twice a week. You guarantee he will follow the rules and soon your brother has been bailed out of jail. And he does follow the rules…until he’s a no-show at his court date. What happens next?

Not every arrest story follows this scenario. The majority of clients are respectful of our rules and follow them to the letter. However, what does happen if someone fails to comply and misses a court date? What can happen next and how does it affect you who bailed the person out in the first place?

When someone skips his/her court appearance, the court will send a notice to us, letting us know that the defendant had failed to appear in court and the bond is now in default. A bench warrant will be issued for the person’s arrest. You have approximately 90 days for the accused to turn up in order to get your bond out of default status. This just means the person must turn him or herself in to the police and file paperwork so the court knows the defendant has returned.

But what about bounty hunters? We’ve all seen the reality TV shows and the movies. Are they real? Yes, in some states, you have the option to hire a fugitive recovery agent to find the defendant and bring them back to the police.

But what happens to you if the bail bond goes into default? If you’re the one who put up the money or collateral for the bail, you are at risk of losing everything. So it’s beneficial that you make sure your loved one follows the rules or else.

If you are in need to bail someone out of jail in Northeastern Pennsylvania, our representatives are ready to assist you. Contact Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds now and we’ll help you out.

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