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To Manny Smith, it seemed like a crap shoot.  It was his first time behind bars.  Would he be able to make bail?  He had no idea.

For one, Manny did not know how his bail would be set.  Or, when.   Should he call an attorney?  A bail bonds agent?  The whole process seemed confusing.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Bail is set at the arraignment.  This is the first time the defendant appears in court and hears the charges.

We’ve provided you with details concerning the different types of bonds here.  Depending on what is said at the arraignment, it may be necessary to take out a bail bond.

But, let’s take a step backwards and figure out how the court sets bail.

How Bail is Set

At the arraignment, the court evaluates the evidence presented by the prosecutor.  In addition, it reviews the following information:

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