What is Considered Jumping Bail in PA?

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We’ve spent quite some time on the consequences you face for jumping bail. But what is considered jumping bail? And is there a way to prove your innocence in the matter?

First know that jumping bail is a serious crime. In Pennsylvania, bail jumping means that you failed to show up in court and then failing to surrender to authorities after 20 days once the bond is forfeited. So let’s say you missed a court hearing, forfeiting your bond. Twenty days pass and you still fail to surrender. This means that you will be rearrested and go to jail for skipping bail.

But is there a way to prove that you had an excuse for bail jumping? For instance, let’s say after being bailed out, you got into a severe car accident that puts you in the hospital for quite some time. Could this be used in your defense?

As long as you have proof that you missed your court date because of circumstances beyond your control, then the court may drop the charges against you for skipping bail. But a witness testimony may not be enough – you may need medical documents and letters from your doctors that prove you were in the hospital at the time of your court hearing.

But even if you prove your innocence in bail jumping, reinstatement of your bail is out of the question. You will be going back to jail and you and/or the person who co-signed the bond will be expected to pay the full amount back.

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