Should I Ask For a Jury Trial?

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Last week, we discussed which type of lawyer is best for your situation — a public defender or a private attorney. Now that you have an idea of who you want representing you, now you have to decide which is better for you: trial by jury or a bench trial?

Let’s examine each option closely.

Bench Trial

Instead of having a jury decide your fate, the final decision in this type of trial rests with the judge. A bench trial is an excellent choice if your case relies on complex legal matters that a group of your peers will not understand.

This is a good option if you choose to represent yourself in court — then you don’t have to worry about making an opening statement, selecting a jury, paying jury fees, and submitting instructions to the jury. All you need to do is plead your case to the judge and he/she will make the final decision.

Having a trial by judge is also more informal than a trial by jury. You wouldn’t need to know the procedural rules or rules of evidence. Plus, the judge will likely ignore any inflammatory evidence the prosecution may try to present.

Jury Trial

You probably have an idea of what a jury trial is. A trial by jury is when a group of men or women are tasked with deciding whether you committed the crime you are charged with. A jury trial may be more beneficial for you if there is an emotional element to your case. Sometimes, a jury can be sympathetic to your case and rule in your favor.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice on what trial you want. Sometimes the prosecution will make the decision for you.

However, it’s tough to say which trial is more beneficial to your case. Your attorney will advise you on which is better for you. However, if you plan to represent yourself in the courtroom, it’s probably best to stick with an informal judge trial over a trial by jury.

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