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You are considering bailing your cousin out of jail.  You are almost ready to sign the paperwork and it occurs to you.  You really do want to meet with your cousin before you agree to put up collateral.  Here’s some important information you should know before you visit jail.

Visitation Procedures for Correctional Facilities

Most jails have procedures set up regarding visiting inmates.  Your cousin will have to make sure your name is on a special list.  When you go to the facility, you must be able to show photo ID.  Make sure that you are on time for your visit.  If your cousin forgets to provide your name as an authorized visitor, you will not be permitted to meet with him.

Different correctional facilities in the area offer different times for visitation.  For example, in Berks County, you cannot visit an inmate if you were incarcerated there within the last two years.  Visitation days and times are divided according to the inmate’s housing unit assignment.  If you are unable to obtain this information from your cousin or someone else, you can telephone Berks County Correctional Facility at (610)-208-4800 ext. 4200.

You should also know the following:

Visitation for Columbia County Prison is only on weekends.  Hours of visitation are determined by whether the visitor is male or female.  Make sure to review the Visitation Dress Code if you need to meet with someone incarcerated at Columbia County.

These are just a couple of examples of visitation protocol for jails within Northeastern Pennsylvania.  If you need to speak with a loved one before you post bail, we can help make sure your name is on the visitation log.

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