Know the Times When You Need Bail, and When You Don’t

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If you’ve been arrested, you may begin to wonder if you will need a bail out. If you do, you may have the choice of  whether a friend or family member can bail out or if a bail bondsman is the better way to go. Either way, someone will have to come and rescue you. Or will they?

There are some cases in which you might be able to handle the bail all on your own. This is called qualifying for an own recognizance release. This means no bail money would need to be paid to the court and no bond would need to be posted. Instead, once you are arrested, you would merely need to promise, in writing, to appear in court. This saves money and time in jail.

On a normal occasion, there are very few arrest causes that will allow for an own recognizance release. These causes of arrest are usually specific low-level misdemeanors. Some of these arrest causes may be:

These demeanors will at least allow you to possibly qualify for an own recognizance release. One thing that will hinder that possibility is your previous record. Regardless of what you may have been arrested for previously, and even if you were released on own recognizance, you will likely not receive it again. If you have outstanding warrants, and especially if you are in violation of probation, you should not count on qualifying for own recognizance release. Instead, you will need to plan on how you are going to pay bail.

Other reasons you may not receive an own recognizance release are:

Every situation is different. No matter what, the best way to understand your options is to speak to officer at the jail.

On the plus side, even if you are arrested and you are required to post bail for a misdemeanor, such as the ones listed about, many bondsmen charge lesser bail amounts for misdemeanors as opposed to felony offenses.

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