Can I Leave Pennsylvania if I’m Out on Bail?

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Let’s say you were arrested for a minor offense. You were arraigned and are currently out on a bail bond. But an emergency arises — you learn that your elderly father, who lives in Florida, is deathly ill. You’re not really sure how much longer he has to live, your sister says he can go at any time. You want to be at his side before he goes, but you’re out on bail. Is it possible to leave the state if you are out on bail? And if it is, how do you go about it without getting into trouble?

When you sign for a bail bond, it’s important to know the rules and restrictions surrounding your bail. For instance, you must attend every hearing pertaining to your case. Failure to follow the restrictions means you can find yourself back in jail plus owning the bail bondsman the entire amount for the bond. That being said, there should be no problem for you to leave the state unless there is a restriction that is prohibiting you from leaving the state. It’s best to let your bondsman and the court know of your travel plans in case something should happen in your case. Also make sure that if there is an upcoming hearing, you return in time for it or reschedule the hearing.

It’s a very rare situation that a stipulation that prevents you from traveling should be part of your bail bond contract. But let’s say you do have this restriction. Is it possible to dismiss this restriction? Yes, it is. One of the things you can do is file a motion with the court, seeking a bond modification. But even if you free to leave, it’s still best to tell your bondsman, your lawyer, and the court itself that you are leaving the state for emergency reasons. Otherwise, it may seem like you’re skipping on bail.

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