How to Live Life When You’re Out on Bail

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Out on bail? It’s not like we can really tell you how to live your life. However, we can offer you some suggestions. After all, we don’t want you to find yourself back in jail.

Such was the case with Samantha Curtis. She was picked up with some drugs in Monroe County. Samantha wasn’t just accused of possession. The police officer also charged her with intent to distribute.

Understandably, Samantha was scared. Her parents bailed her out and strongly demanded that she listen to the bail bonds agent. It didn’t seem to concern her. It was just a matter of months before Samantha was back in jail. Can you guess why?

Too often, people with drug problems find themselves arrested again. If they’re out on bail for a prior offense, there may be issues. Samantha learned that the hard way. Her bail was revoked pending sentence.

So, how can you live life and avoid having your bail revoked?

Avoid Having Your Bail Revoked

At Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds, we can’t stress it enough. We believe in America’s justice system. As far as we are concerned, our clients are innocent until proven guilty. That bring us to our next point. After we’ve arranged your bail, we’d rather you stay out of jail until you’re called to trial.

And, when you receive the court notice to appear, we expect you to be there. We don’t want to go chasing after you. That’s the first thing you need to remember.

If you think you can run away from the court system by jumping bail, you’ve been watching too much television. It’s just not reality.

While you’re waiting for the court date, there are some important things to keep in mind. We’ll sum them up for you:

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