How Long Does a Bail Bond Last?

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You were arrested on a minor drug charge. You were arraigned and received bail. You and your family pooled some money together and got a bail bond. You thought the case would be over and done with quickly – it’s just a minor charge, after all, and it’s your first offense. But your trial date has been delayed more than once. You’re worried. Can they send you back to jail if your day in court keeps being pushed back? Is there an expiration date on bail bonds?

It can understandable that you’re worried about going back to jail. But feel comfortable in knowing that no, there is no time limit on a bail bond. Here’s how it works:

When you post a bail bond, you basically enter a contract with the bail bondsman. This contract states that as long as you are responsible, go to all your court dates, and pay the amount owed to the bondsman, then you won’t be returning to jail. However, if you do miss a court date, then the bond is forfeited and chances are you will be returning to prison.

The length of a bond lasts the length of your case. For instance, if your case is dismissed, charges are dropped, or you are found not guilty, the bond is voided and all that’s left is whatever you owe for the bond. And yes, even if the charges are dropped, you still will owe money on the bond.

The same goes for if you are found guilty and sentenced to jail. You are still required to pay any debt for the bond but the agreement between you and the bondsman is now over. So even if your trial is delayed, you don’t have to worry about an expiration date. As long as you show up on your court dates, then you’ll stay out of jail.

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