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If someone you know is a Lancaster County inmate, we hope that we can make things easier for you.  One of your greatest concerns is likely finding them bail.  However, you may also not know how to locate your loved one within the system or what the rules are as far as visitation.  As an experienced bail bonds agency, we can help you secure all the necessary information.

We learn about frustration regarding the system from our clients.  When Russell’s son was arrested, his first inclination was to run over to the county facility.  One problem: Russell didn’t realize that Lancaster County had specific visitation hours.  When he appeared at noon, he was turned away.  Visiting hours had not started yet.

Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds is in Lancaster County on a regular basis. We are familiar with the jail’s rules and are happy to provide them to you.

Lancaster County Jail Guidelines

Not sure your loved one is even Lancaster County Jail?  There’s two easy ways to check.  You can actually call the jail at 717-299-7800 and press option #2.  The automated system will help you determine inmate status.  You will need to input basic information, such as the individual’s complete name and date of birth. You can also do an online search in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections inmate locator database.  The search is user friendly and may find your loved one with an entry as simple as a last name.

Wondering how you can contact the inmate once you’ve confirmed they are in Lancaster County Jail?  Unfortunately, you cannot call them on the telephone.  However, inmates can make collect calls during specific hours.  We can also relay messages to your loved ones in conjunction with making bail.

Incarcerated individuals are also able to receive regular mail.  You can find mailing instructions here.  Make sure you don’t send cash or include other items specified in the mail directions

Like many Pennsylvania correctional facilities, visitation is limited.   Inmates are only permitted visitors one hour per week.  Make sure you are familiar with the rules as they pertain to visitation.

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Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds prides itself on a compassionate and confidential approach to helping individuals secure pretrial release.  We take every step necessary to provide clients with professional services.  Contact us to see how we can assist you. 

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