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As bail bonds agents, we can tell you that all jails are different. Although we only secure inmate release in Pennsylvania, we’re often surprised that they don’t always follow the same rules. Bradford County Correctional Facility is no exception.

Julia wasn’t sure she could come up with money to bail her husband out of Bradford County. She decided to go over and visit him to let him know she was trying. Julia brought along a change of clothes. She was sure her husband felt grungy. She hoped that he wouldn’t be stuck in some kind of uniform.

Unfortunately, Julia might have benefited from checking ahead of time. Her husband wasn’t permitted to wear most clothes brought in from the outside. There were exceptions as far as underwear, socks and t-shirts. But Julia wasn’t aware of them.

Understandability, Julia was quite disappointed. She was accustomed to taking care of her husband. Actually, she was actually lucky that she was even able to visit her husband. Bradford County has limited visiting privileges.

The Basics on Bradford County Jail

We wish that we had the opportunity to speak with Julia before she went over to see her husband. We could have provided her with some basic information. We consider that part of our job. More importantly, we might have helped her come up with some ideas to make her husband’s bail. Fortunately, that’s still a possibility.

If your loved one is in Bradford County, we want to provide you with some helpful information as outlined below:

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