How Do I Post Bail in Federal Court?

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Your loved one has been accused of identity theft, which is a federal crime. He was arrested and is now sitting in a jail cell, awaiting trial in federal court. He couldn’t have possibly done what they said he did. You want him out, and now. Is it possible to bail him out? If so, how?

Posting a federal bail bond is different compared to posting a bond for a state or local crime. Unlike a DUI, a federal charge can be quite severe and there is more of a likelihood that your loved one will skip bail than those on a lesser charge. However, this doesn’t mean bail isn’t an option.

Before a bail bond can be set, the defendant will need to go through the arrest process. Once arrested, the defendant will be booked and placed in a county jail. However, the charges are severe enough, he/she may be transferred to a federal facility. This is when the process gets a little different. The defendant will attend a detention hearing and the arraignment in federal court, which can be help at the same time. At that time, the defendant must show that he/she is not a flight risk. If the court is convinced, a bond amount is agreed upon and set.

Once the bail has been sent, you will need to find a bail bond agent who does specialize in federal bail bonds. These bonds have more restrictions than a bail bond for a lesser offense. In addition, they are probably more expensive. Getting a federal bail bond is similar to a regular bond – the defendant and co-signer agree to the terms, sign the papers, and your loved one will be free. It is then the responsibility of you and the defendant to follow the court requirements.

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