I Received ROR Bail. What Does That Mean?

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You are arrested for a misdemeanor. You’ve never been arrested before and you’re a little nervous. At your hearing, your charges are read and the judge decides to release you on your own recognizance. What does this mean? What is ROR bail?

According to Pennsylvania law, bail must be set in any type of misdemeanor, felony, or homicide case. But the judge may decide that you’re not a danger to society or a flight risk and release you on ROR bail. Being released on own recognizance means that you don’t need money to post bail; however, it does mean you have to follow the same rules that you would if you did post a bail bond. As we mentioned in previous blogs, to be out on bail means that you assume the responsibility that you will attend all hearings involving your case, are not going to commit any crimes while out on bail, and you won’t jump bail. This still holds true if you are out on ROR bail.

There are some variations to the ROR bail. For instance, you may be released to a third person who will be responsible for your behavior. Or you could be placed under house arrest, meaning you are confined to your home except to go to work or school. In addition, you may have travel restrictions placed on your or you must wear an electronic tracking device.

So what type of defendant is granted ROR bail? The judge will make the decision based on the following factors:

And just like regular bail, if you do miss a court date or violate any of your restrictions, you’ll be placed back in jail.

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