What Does Being Released on Unsecured Bail Bond Mean?

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You’ve never been arrested before. It’s quite frightening and you know that you won’t be able to pay for a bail bond. You plead your case to the court during your arraignment. The judge the releases you on an unsecured bail bond. What does that mean? Does it differ from other types of bonds?

Being released on an unsecured bail bond is similar to an ROR bond. Also known as signature bail, what this means is you are released without any money changing hands. The difference is that you must have a written agreement with the court that you are liable for a fixed sum of money if you fail to comply with the conditions of the bond. It’s almost like a financial incentive – if you don’t show up in court on these set of dates, then you’re going to have to pay.

This type of bond is usually set when a person isn’t deemed dangerous or the court believes the person will be returning to court as promised. You won’t have to pay a bail amount to get out of jail; all you have to do is sign a bond that promises you will appear in court. However, there is a catch. If you don’t show up on your required court appearance, then just like a secured bail, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. Not only will you be heading back to jail but you’re going to owe money to the court based on an amount agreed upon in the unsecured bond.

This is what sets unsecured bail apart from secured bail, which you have to put down a certain amount of money before you can get out of jail. However, unsecured bail isn’t very common.Chances are you will receive ROR or secured bail instead.

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