What are My Responsibilities After Bailing Someone Out of Jail?

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Nothing good ever happens at 2 am and this is the case when your phone rings. You wake up from a dead sleep, worried. Who could be calling? Your husband is lying next to you and your children are asleep in their rooms. The number isn’t one you recognize but the voice on the other end is. It’s your brother and he’s been arrested. The bail has been set and it’s pretty high. He needs your help in co-signing a bail bond. You agree, but after getting off the phone you wonder if that’s a good idea. Your brother can be pretty irresponsible (getting arrested a perfect example). That means the bond can fall on your shoulders. What are your responsibilities as co-signer?

This a question all Indemnitors should ask before signing a bond agreement. It’s important to know exactly what’s expected of you and what you are responsible for. Technically, as the co-signer, you are the one who is responsible for the defendant. This means you must make sure the defendant attends all court dates, keeps out of trouble, and make sure the bond is paid for.

Here are a few things you should know when co-signing a bond for someone:

This is why it’s so important to know your responsibilities┬ábefore bailing someone out of jail. If you’re still interested in getting a bail bond, we can help. Contact Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds now and get your loved one out of jail.

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