What Are Your Responsibilities if You Secure Bail?

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You have arranged for bail for yourself or a loved one.  What happens next?  What are your responsibilities if you secure bail?  Learn some important information concerning the steps after your pre-trial release.

Expectations of the Bailed Out Defendant

Even if you used your own funds to bail yourself out of jail, the court has certain expectations from you.  For example, the Berks County Rules of Criminal Procedure states the following:

If you Bail Someone Else Out

The initiative to bail someone else out of jail is a noble one.  However, it can also be a risk.  Once you have signed papers to bail someone else out, you cannot rescind your decision.  Be careful.  Some defendants will intimidate you and jeopardize your investment if you do not comply with their demands.  Unfortunately, you cannot use those threats as a reason to go back on the conditions of the bail agreement.

If you have decided to bail someone else out, you share responsibility for their court appearance.  Their failure to appear could cause you financial hardship.  This could include forfeiture of collateral items such as real estate.

Should the individual you bailed out not show up for court, you may also incur additional fees.  These monies will be used to locate the defendant, who will then be termed as a fugitive from justice.  For this reason, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the whereabouts of the defendant.

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