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An arrest may come as a shock, whether it is the first or the third time that you are placed behind bars. However, you may have some control over how long your freedom is stopped prior to trial. At Pizzo Bail Bonds, our goal is for you to spend as little time as possible in jail.

Bail Bonds Can Work on Your Pretrial Release

Someone new to the court process may not realize that bail is associated with pretrial release. In short, bail is a surety payment to the courts that you will show up for trial.

Different Variations of Bail

It is up to the court to determine what amount of bail will secure an accused’s release. The setting of bail is actually one of the first things done in the process of a criminal case. Most of the time, bail hearings are held within twenty-four hours of an arrest.

For lesser crimes such as an accumulation of unpaid parking tickets, the bail may be a small amount. It may even mirror the amount of the outstanding fines. Many individuals are able to come up with these bail releases on their own.

When the bail starts hitting high numbers in the tens of thousands, the quest for outside services such as Pizzo Bail Bonds may ensue. To illustrate this, let’s use a bail amount of $25,000. The court may order bail as follows:

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There are no hidden surprises when it comes to bail conditions or bail fees. We are honest and straightforward from the beginning.

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