Would it Surprise You to Know of Bail Bonds Arrests?

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We’ll forewarn you: Our title is a bit deceiving.  We’re not actually focusing this article on those who decide to skip bail.  We’ve already covered that bad idea.

But, what about bail bondsmen that wind up in jail themselves?  Seems like a good reason to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable agency.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Like every business, there are all types posting security bonds.  And, saying they are doing so legally.  Let’s take a look at some actual news stories involving bail bonds agencies.

News Stories Involving Bails Bonds Agents and Arrests

We are posting these stories for informational purposes only.  They have been printed in the press, and we cannot attest to their authenticity.  Of course, all accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Last December, a York County bailbonds agent admitted that he falsely arrested a woman and stole her dog.  Apparently, the bailbondsman was actually in pursuit of another individual.  He went through the woman’s apartment.  The agent’s purpose was to locate someone who had skipped bail.  Maybe he figured he could hold the dog for ransom.  Long story short. The bailbonds agent had to come up with $250,000 to secure his own pretrial release.

A Reading bailbondmen agent had his sentence revoked.  His bail was set at $1 million.  The reason?  He decided to post fake bonds.

In another York County bail bonds agency, the office manager was accused of suggesting a woman’s bail could be paid off in exchange for sex.    The cost of his arrest required him to find $50,000 for his own bail.

Reputation is Everything

Sitting in jail is stressful.  When it’s time to get bailed out, you want to make sure you find someone who is ethical.  Timely.  Compassionate. Discreet.  Experienced.  Andrew Pizzo is all of these things and more.  Contact us so that we can assist you get out and prepare for trial.  Freedom is not underrated.



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