Top Five Reasons People Need Bail Made in the Summer

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We’ve all heard the theory that there are more arrests during a full moon.  But what about the change in season?  Does summer weather have any impact on the need for people to make bail?  You might be surprised.

Joe Black blames the summer heat for his arrest.  He’s not usually a big drinker.  However, it was scorching hot when he decided to down a few shots.  Joe then made the mistake of getting behind the wheel.

You can guess the rest.  Joe was pulled over for drunk driving.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t his first offense.  Joe’s license was already suspended.  The judge decided Joe needed some time behind bars to think it over.  As soon as his bail was set, Joe found his way out until trial.  It wasn’t fun.

Is Joe’s case isolated?  Not at all.  Statistically, more and more arrests happen in the summer.  And of course, no one wants to sit in jail.  Learn the top reasons people need to make bail in the summer.

Summertime Means Different Reasons for Posting Bail

Let’s go through the different types of arrests that seem to happen more frequently in the summer:

  1. Drunk Driving: More people are arrested for drunk driving during the summer months than any other time of year. Many drink to get relief from the heat.  Some may forgo eating in place of a cold alcoholic beverage.  They may not recognize the level of their intoxication and attempt to drive.
  2. Burglaries: Summer is best known for vacation schedules. It is also the time of year that people leave their home unattended.  A higher percentage of robbery or burglary arrests occur during the summer months.
  3. Vandalism: The warm weather also seems to increase vandalism. Although these crimes don’t always suggest the need for bail, it is always a possibility.
  4. Concerts/Sporting Events: There are more sporting events and concerts in the summer. Large gatherings may increase the chance of arrests related to fights.
  5. Assault Charges: It’s not just temperatures that rise during the summertime. Tempers flare as well.   As a result, simple neighborhood or family disputes can turn into arrests.

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