Is There a Way to Get My Bail Reduced?

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Your brother was just arrested for a DUI after getting into a car accident. At his court arraignment, the judge sets bail at a ridiculous amount of money. It’s way more than you or the rest of your family can afford. Although you know you can put something up for collateral for a bail bond, you really have nothing of value to offer. Is there another way to bail your brother out?

This is a situation that happens more often than not. Although there are limits put in place on how much bail a court can impose on a defendant, they still can be a hefty price that you may not be able to afford. But there may be another way by requesting a bail reduction.

Thanks to the Eighth Amendment and other legal protections, a defendant does have the right to request a hearing to seek bail reduction when the amount initially set by the court is too high to pay. At this hearing, the defendant or his lawyer can argue that the bail that was set is so high that it’s almost as if the court is denying the defendant bail. However, the defendant must also prove that he/she is unworthy of this bail, such as it’s the defendant’s first offense or he/she is not a flight risk or the crime is just a simple misdemeanor charge. In addition, once the defendant informs the court that he or she can’t afford to set bail, the court needs to specify, in writing, why it chose to set the amount it did.

But remember, just as you have the right to request a reduction in bail, the government has the same right to request an increase in bail.

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