What is an Indemnitor?

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Your cousin calls you one day and tells you that she has been arrested on drug charges. Her bail has been set at a pretty high amount but your cousin is planning on getting a bond. However, the cost of the bond is pretty high for her and she was hoping if you would become an indemnitor for the bond. What does this mean? And what are your responsibilities?

Indemnitor is a fancy way of calling you a co-signer of a bail bond. It means you are responsible for signing a bail agreement and qualifying for the bond on behalf of the person in jail. If you become an indemnitor for someone, that means you are the one who is financially and legally responsible for the defendant. As the defendant’s co-signer, you are accepting the responsibility of the entire amount of the bond should the defendant fail to fulfil his/her court-mandated obligations, such as failing to appear in court.

This also means that once the defendant’s case has been completed, your responsibility as the co-signer has been fulfilled and you won’t owe any money to the court. But remember, you need to pay the bond in full. This means even if the case ends before you finish paying the bond, you will still be responsible for paying the bond until it’s paid in full. So before signing a bond agreement for a friend or family member’s bail, know what you’re getting into. Remember, bail bonds are non-refundable, even if the case is thrown out of court.

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