What You Should Do During a Traffic Stop

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There’s nothing scarier than seeing blinking lights in your rearview mirror or hearing the sound of a siren behind you. It can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. But, if you follow these five steps, it can make the process go by quickly and painlessly.

Step 1: When you see the police car behind you, pull over to the side of the road as quickly and safely as possible. This will let the officer know that you understand and you are complying with his/her request.

Step 2: After pulling over, open the window, shut off the engine, and put your hands on the steering wheel. Don’t reach for your documentation just yet; the officer might think you’re either stashing something away or reaching for something.

Step 3: Always stay polite. The office may be aggressive which is hard to stay level headed. But being belligerent can lead to an arrest. Let the officer do the talking, don’t interrupt, and watch what you say, you may be recorded.

Step 4: Don’t give the officer a reason to search your car. Unless there’s a valid reason to search your vehicle, police officers are not allowed to search your car during a traffic stop. But if you do something suspicious, like throw something out of the car window before pulling over, then he/she has probably cause to search your car or your person.

Step 5: Unless told otherwise, do not leave the vehicle. Remember, police are trained to expect the worst and if you suddenly leave the vehicle, he/she may think you’re a threat or are trying to flee.

But what happens if you the officer does find something illegal in the vehicle? Will you be arrested on the spot? It is possible and you may find yourself going to jail. And if you are in jail, you’re going to need a bail bond. That’s where we come in!

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