Will You Get Your Money Back for a Bail Bond?

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It seems obvious.  If bail is intended to ensure that a defendant shows up, the money should be returned when the individual makes the appearance.  Is this true?  What about the fees afforded to the bail bond agency?  Will you get your money back?  These are all significant questions that we can answer here.

Let’s Start with the Fees

When you employ the services of a bailbonds agency, you are charged a fee.  The amount is based on a percentage of the bail.  The bail bondsman then takes out a surety bond posting a guarantee that your or your loved one will show up in court.  The surety bond is equivalent to taking out an insurance policy.  The premise is that the defendant’s prospective conduct is backed up by a financial assurance.

When you think of insurance, you most likely think of coverage for your home or automobile.  You pay a fee for both policies. If you are lucky, you will never need to make a claim for accidental damage to your house or car.  Nevertheless, the insurance company is not going to reimburse your fees for your good fortune.  You can make payments for years and years and never receive a refund.

The same is true for bailbonds fees.  An agency such as Andrew Pizzo Bail Bonds takes an assumed risk in guaranteeing that defendants will appear for their court hearing.  Even if charges are dropped or the defendant found “not guilty,” the fees associated with posting bail are not returned.

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